Benefits of White Oak Flooring

Nowadays, the architecture and interior of the house have gained a lot of interest in improving the looks of the new house. The flooring of the house is the foundation of the interior look of the house. While choosing the type of flooring is not so easy as there are many materials available in the market. The wooden style of flooring is the most popular type of flooring be it natural or engineered type of wood. Among the wooden styles, White Oak Flooring is the most popular variety of flooring. It enhances the look of the house and gives it a classy and modern look.

    Homeowners prefer a long-lasting and durable type of wooden flooring be it natural or engineered. Manufactured from different species there are many types of wooden flooring available in the market they are oak, cherry, maple, teak, mahogany, and walnut. Among these American White Oak, is one of the popular species used for manufacturing engineered or hardwood flooring.

White Oak Flooring

  • Look, Similar oak the American oak wood is also lightly colored, with a slight brown undertone. It gives a modern look as it has less graining.
  • Durability: White oak is extremely resident and has a hardness of approximately 1360 on a Janka hardness scale. Even the engineered American white oak has durability due to its multiple layers of hardwood backing.
  • Ages well: Most products made of wood age with time and have a modified color and show a warm patina. But the American white oak doesn’t look much changed with age as it does not darkroom much work age. So it gives a good look for ages if it is well maintained.
  • Resistance to decay: This American white oak is water-resistant as it has fewer pores and also pores are clogged with Tylenol, hence it does not absorb water much. So it is the best choice for flooring especially in entrance rooms and powder rooms.

The White Oak can be textured according to the choice of the customers; the natural white oak species gives the distressed wood texture. As it is rich in grains and light color can accept a variety of textures. The brushed wood texture, for the floor, gives it an old vintage look. Another style of the texture is engineered by creating a small wave pattern in the boards that gives it a floor that is walked for centuries; it is a footworn texture. Another texture is hand-scraped; it is hand-made and looks like an original pine of about 200 years. The colors of the wood can also be modified according to the taste of the homeowners, there are some shades like light wood colors, medium wood colors, and dark wood colors. The color of the flooring can also be modified according to the choice.