How To Achieve The 2021 Furniture Trend?

2021 has been a crazy year so far. While designer masks have become a leading trend in fashion trends, the interior décor industry has experienced sweeping changes in furniture preferences. The widespread interest has shifted to more natural and earthy choices from trendy modern styles, something no one could have ever predicted. Here we are with the top 5 furnishing tips to help you stay ahead of the furniture trends in 2021:-

Old is the 24-carat gold in 2021

2021 has seen a vast shift of public demand from futuristic and flashy, to vintage and old-fashioned. Minimalistic designs and sharp contours in furniture have been vastly replaced by natural hand-crafted, intricate woodwork, which pays tribute to the craft’s old masters. Also, with global concerns for climate change, eco-friendly furniture is the need of the hour. The rise in demand for natural wood tables, cupboards and oak dining chairs UK is something most interior designers have noticed repeatedly. Overall, market trends have been inclined to layer, excruciatingly detailed, and sustainable materials.

Bright, glossy colours have found their grave

Like bright red, yellow, and white, the previously popular shiny shades have given way to a soft and soothing pallet. Soft shades of pink, accents of black, and striped gold are the market’s latest trends. As for textures and designs, asymmetric shapes and forms, with abstract geometric designs have found a growing audience. To stay ahead of the trends, choose colour profiles that are calming to the mind.

Versatility is the key

As most families have been confined within their homes, the workspace has shifted to the living room. Moreover, homeowners have found the rising need for versatile and multi-purpose furniture. For example, the kitchen counter is now a desk for your laptop, allowing you to attend zoom meetings on the fly. The bedstead has become a pedestal for the daily coffee cup that you reach for when working overnight. As for the kitchen, dining tables have become a standard workbench with comfortable oak dining chairs, being the most popular choice by far.

Customised Pieces have taken the market by storm

Custom-made furniture has been the latest trend in the market. No longer is the usual customer interested only in the exterior of the piece. They have a fascination for its intricate details, its history, and the personality it conveys.

Understanding and interpreting market trends is a tedious job, and staying ahead of them is far more complicated. However, these are some of the best pieces of advice we have got from interviews with leading interior decorators in 2021. We hope these tips and pointers help you to choose the best furnishing styles of the year.