Skills to Pick and buy sanitary ware

Let’s say you want to have the maximum amount of sanitary ware you need and an expanded set of amenities. But if you put it in the traditional way, it will be completely impossible to turn it around. In such cases, non-standard solutions can help. For example, an unusual sanitary ware setup can offer very interesting solutions. The equipment will not fit if it is installed at a right angle, but by changing the angle of this equipment, you will have free access to it.

The “flexible” organization of useful space will help increase capacity. For example, a swing box can be installed in the corner of a shower stall. The fully equipped bathtub can be combined with a shower cabin. It is advisable to cover the entire part of the space with a material to achieve visual unity.

The color of the sanitary ware is primarily determined by the wall and floor tiles. A general rule of thumb applies here for all types of premises: light colors and transparent materials visually increase the area, dark colors reduce it. Do not use tiles with dark or very bright colors and tiles with large patterns. Glossy surfaces are also not suitable, things weigh. It is better to choose matte tile and furniture surfaces. Slanted tiles visually expand the room.

The sanitary ware lighting must be reasonable because it is not an operating room. The lamp in the mirror area is working.

Furniture and equipment. It is important to use the ability to store things without sacrificing free space in the pipe. Compact bathtubs, shower stalls, mirrors, drawers, small-sized furniture are specifically designed for small-sized sanitary ware Singapore. The compact and light furniture from the same collection brings light to the room. Chrome metal roller bearing shelves with removable wire mesh containers can be practical and convenient.

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The washing machine can even be hidden under the counter

If there is no space for furniture, we use the maximum area of ​​the walls, that is, wall niches and shelves.

Mirrors are considered the traditional method of visually expanding the area. In our case, you can not do without mirrors. Here it is more appropriate; it is functional, aesthetic and visually expands the space. You can make it universal: not only can it be hung on the wall, but it can also serve as a closet door for small things. If the pipe is not well lit, a wall-mounted tilt mirror can add additional comfort.

Heating elements, rails with heated towers, without which it is impossible to imagine sanitary ware, also require space. Let’s see if we can make them multifunctional. For example, we can convert heated railway towers into a system that supports a small shelf for small items and at the same time serves as a support system for a folding screen (it can be an effective and practical alternative to a shower curtain).