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The king size mattress is a very popular mattress model on the American market, literally “king size” translates to “king size”, in fact what distinguishes this type of mattress are the “exaggerated” dimensions, usually the height of these mattresses range from 26 to 33 cm, and the dimensions instead range from 1.9 m to 2 m.

LATEST TECHNOLOGY. Mattress with HR Blue Latex technology 70 Kg / m3 for invigorating comfort and with a micro-honeycomb structure to ensure a tailored fit buy king size mattress singapore online.
HIGH ADAPTABILITY AND FRESHNESS. Latest generation Memory Aquapur optimized for exceptional freshness and ideal air circulation with massaging effect for the back and spine
ANTI-HUMIDITY SYSTEM. Exclusive Air Fresh system from the Naturalex brand that allows air to be recirculated between the different layers of the core, eliminating excess moisture, the main source of mold and bacteria
BALANCED REST. The association of the 7 rest areas and the high density polyurethane foam in feel V300 HR fiber gives the mattress great stability and capacity to absorb the pressure received
SAFETY AND WARRANTY. Thick SoftSensation fabric for the winter side and breathable Airtex3D fabric for the summer side to maintain an adequate temperature in any season and Oeko-Tex certified. 10-year Naturalex warranty.

Buy King Size Mattress Singapore Online
The two characters of a well-known advertisement from the 80s said it.
Here, just like the traffic policeman does with the house painter, we immediately dispel the myth of the mattress made to measure for the king size.
The measurements that I have indicated in the table above have been rounded to adapt to the actual availability of mattresses produced in Italy.
I have excluded the “made to measure” which are, in fact, achievable in any size.
The King Size, the American and the California, derive from American measures originally defined in inches (inches), which is why by reading some online guides you can find measures such as 183 x 213, or 193 x 203.
These are direct inch centimeters conversions that might make you think that the king size – and his entire American and Californian family – necessarily needs custom-made mattresses with the associated surcharge. It is not so. The king size mattress does not have to be an expensive custom-made one because by now almost all the Italian producers of beds, bases and mattresses have adapted to the request for this type of extra large double bed.