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Types of apartments

Nowadays apartments are the most common thing as people prefer apartment rather than a house. It is because apartments are budget-friendly as compared to a house. If you are also going to buy apartments then you must have to learn them properly. Because if you go with little knowledge then anyone can make you fool by charging high. If you don’t want to get trapped then you must have to check serviced apartments singapore

You will get all the essential things with these apartments. Apart from the things you will also get services according to your need and budget. If you want to get more details then you must have to visit serviced apartments singapore site.


  • Studio 

It is consists of a single room, living space, sleeping area, and kitchen. All these things are together with a separate door. The door will lead to the bathroom. The apartment will be about 300 to 600 sq feet.

  • Alcove studio 

It is exactly similar to the traditional studio but it will have a separate bed space and also allow the sleeping area separation. It will create some more privacy for you.

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  • Micro apartment 

Let us tell you that it will be lower than 300 sq feet and includes a fully functioned kitchen. It is very smaller so you will not get flexible living space with this.

  • Loft 

It is a large place with high ceilings and huge rooms, windows. The loft has a good sleeping area and a fully functioned kitchen.

  • One-bedroom apartment 

It will provide you a good bedroom which is about 70 to 80 sq feet. You will get a window and door with a ceiling height of about 7 feet.

  • Duplex 

It is consists of two living units and has separate entrances for each unit. But they are similar in size. Let us tell you that triplex is similar to a duplex but it has only three homes in one building.

  • Co-op 

A cooperative house is a house that is shared among a group of people. They all will be the owner who has to pay the bills together. If you are a bachelor and want to stay at any place for some time then co-operative houses are best for you.

  • Garden apartment 

It will occupy the ground floor of the building and it is the best option for a single-family. In this apartment, you will get a beautiful garden along with the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. If you are a nuclear family then you will love the apartment of these types.